Winter Weather Policy

Our Winter Weather Policy has been updated as of 11/5/2020.

  1. When St. Patrick School/Cedar Falls Public Schools CANCEL school due to weather, the Parish Office will be closed and there will be no Daily Mass, afternoon, or evening activities.
  2. When schools have a DELAYED START due to weather, we will have 11:30 Mass and Tuesday morning Bible Study. Please good judgement in determining if it is safe for you to attend.
  3. When St. Patrick School/Cedar Falls Public Schools DISMISS EARLY due to weather, there will be no evening activities.
  4. Funerals are the only exception to this policy.  We will hold a funeral as scheduled regardless of school status.

We want everyone to be safe and we cannot guarantee that sidewalks and parking lots will be cleared at all times during inclement weather. Please check KWWL closings and delays for the latest notifications.