705 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Foundation for the Future


As of January 12, the vacant land north of the Parish Office is officially ours. Think of the possibilities that lie ahead. Adjacent land is in short supply and rarely available. With this purchase we have established a foundation for the future—a foundation for parish and education expansion and the ability to ensure development in our neighborhood is consistent with our needs and our mission.

We also gained 26 parking spaces (14 south of Richardson's Funeral Home and 12 at 6th and Washington) and have avoided competition for nearby street parking with the elimination of a potential business and apartment building on the newly cleared land.

Our parish first made an offer on this property 18 years ago. Our prayers have been answered.

Parish leadership has been working behind the scenes to prepare for this exciting announcement and the future of our parish. As Father explained in his November 2022 letter to parishioners, the Archdiocese has extended us a line of credit for this campaign. While exploring the long-term possibilities this land brings, we have also considered near-term uses of the property, upcoming maintenance on our parish campus, and the existing CGS (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) project we need to complete. We can’t forget the present as we consider the foundation for the future. 


We thank those who have already stepped forward with gifts to provide a foundation for our upcoming campaign.



Check back for updates as we'll be adding information for you.


QUESTION: How much do we need to raise and what will it include?

ANSWER: The $1.5 million we need to raise includes the cost of the land, initial costs such as grading and seeding, civil/site design services, asphalt and concrete work, heating and some cooling at the Education Center, and funds still needed for CGS expansion. More details are in a chart below. First things first, we need to pay for the land to establish our foundation for the future. Once detailed due diligence is completed on how best to use and develop the new land, a separate plan detailing the related needs will be presented.  


QUESTION: When will the parish-wide campaign begin? 

ANSWER: The committee will formally launch the initial financial campaign for the property and current needs in April 2023.


QUESTION: May I give a gift or make a pledge to this project now, or do I need to wait until April?

ANSWER: You do not need to wait. Donations and pledges for our three-year campaign are welcome at any time. Regena Huffman in the Parish Office can help you with questions.


QUESTION: May I be a part of the campaign team or development team?

ANSWER: Yes. We would like to have additional team members. Please consider how you can be part of the change and expansion the Lord has in store for us. If you would like to be on either team, contact Pastoral Council Chair Laura Schaefer or Business Administrator Regena Huffman.  You are welcome to call the Parish Office at 319-266-3523


If you have any questions, please contact 

  • Fr. Ivan Nienhaus, Pastor
  • Laura Schaefer, Pastoral Council Chair and Campaign Chair
  • Regena Huffman, Business Administrator



Property, initial site prep, site engineering  1,000,000
Concrete and asphalt work (church lot, teacher lot, playground)  45,000
Roof, heating, and cooling repairs at Education Center        130,000 
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Expansion Project     50,000
Initial property development 275,000
    $1.5 M


The Campaign and Property Development Team Members

  • Laura Schaefer
  • Lisa Ahern
  • Donna Bash
  • Paul DiMarco
  • Laura Dobson
  • Tom Hoag
  • Regena Huffman
  • Justin Krieger
  • Roger Kueter
  • Bill Ludwig
  • Fr. Ivan Nienhaus
  • Regena Huffman
  • Jon Wiebers
  • Danica Wilcox
  • Carri Zehentner