Faith Formation

The Saint Patrick Faith Formation Committee is committed to providing opportunities for lifelong learning for all parishioners. Through sacramental preparation, faith formation, and spiritual development, we continuously strive to be a vibrant, Christ-centered, faith community.

Faith Formation classes are offered to public school students in the Cedar Falls area. St. Patrick Catholic School and Columbus Catholic High School enroll year round and provide religious instruction during the school day. Please note that Confirmation preparation should be completed through Saint Patrick Parish. 

We offer many Faith Formation opportunities for adults, including Bible study meetings, special events, Teams of Our Lady (TOOL), Young Adult Ministry (YAM), and more. Adults interested in joining the Catholic Church are invited to take part in our annual Catholic Faith for Adults (CFFA) Series.

Faith Formation Commission

Faith Formation Commission

Mark Hannasch, Chair  (2020, 2nd term)        

Fred Berneking  (2022, 1st term)   

Lacy Bjorseth  (2020, 1st term) 

Jill Blanshan   (2022, 1st term)  

Michelle DeGabriele (2022, 1st term)

Rosie Guerrero  (staff) 

Mike Hansel (2020, 1st term)  

Zach Shaver (2021, 1st term) 

Al Weber  (Deacon) 

Fr. Ivan Nienhaus 

Expiring terms have been extended during Covid as parish elections were not held. We thank these members for continuing to serve.

To contact one of our council members, please refer to our online Instant Church Directory. If you have not yet used our directory, click here to learn more.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please call the Parish Office.


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