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Liturgical Ministry

Liturgical Ministry


Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to use the talents and gifts that God has given you to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Please prayerfully consider joining one of these ministries. Training is available. Whether your participation is behind the scenes or through a public role of service within the Mass, your contributions help make our liturgies special.

You may express an interest to help through our Time and Talent signup process or by getting in touch with someone listed below. We encourage families to consider serving together.

Additional opportunities include

  • Choir (practice is held each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.)
  • Art and Environment Committee (help prepare our worship space for liturgical celebrations and seasons)
  • Rosary Leader at Funeral Vigils



Liturgical Ministry Contacts

Communion Ministers Jane Demmer  319-266-2800
Sacristans Deb Giarusso  319-277-8170
Music Mary Citta  319-277-6069
Lectors Sandy Remmert  319-266-6369
Servers Joan Smothers  smothersfamily@gmail.com
Ushers Scott & Linda Trimbell  319-277-6527


   Communion Ministers: Winter   Spring  Summer

   LectorsSpring  Summer

   Sacristans: Spring  Summer

   Servers: Spring  Summer

   Ushers: Spring (updated 9/18)  Summer

   Music:  Lent and Easter  (as of 2/22/19).   Summer  Any changes will be noted below.  

Date/Time Cantor Keyboard Hymn
6-Mar Ash Wednesday    
8:30 School Mass   In These Days of Lenten Journey #244
5:15 Diann Frembgen Marsha Nichols Distribution - Ashes #241/With These Ashes #591
7:00 Youth Choir Casey Tecklenburg Hosea #239
      Change Our Hearts #357
      Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days #253
7-Mar Adoration    
5:30 Diann Frembgen  Lisa Sevcik  
March 9/10 1st Sunday of Lent    
5:00 Janet O'Neil Ruth Koltookian The Glory of These Forty Days  #242
7:30 Mark Hannasch Lisa Sevcik With These Ashes #591
9:30 Bill Roths Marsha Nichols On Eagles Wings #550
11:30 Laura Connor Mary Citta Led By The Spirit #252
14-Mar Adoration    
5:30 Theresa Relph Marsha Nichols  
March 16/17 2nd Sunday of Lent    
5:00 Erica Schultz Ruth Koltookian Beyond The Days #250
7:30 Jim Weeg Marsha Nichols Open My Eyes #483
9:30 Choir Marsha Nichols Change Our Hearts #357
11:30 Josh Carlo Mary Citta Again We Keep This Solemn Fast #240
21-Mar Adoration    
5:30 Mary Citta Ruth Koltookian  
March23/24 3rd Sunday of Lent    
5:00 Eliott Kranz Brenda Sevcik Take Up Your Cross #306
7:30 Deb Marchesani Lisa Sevcik Where Charity and Love Prevail $256l
9:30 Theresa Relph Marsha Nichols Save Your People #246
11:30 Diann Frembgen Casey Tecklenburg Healing River of the Spirit #365
28-Mar  Adoration    
5:30 Tiffany Steel Mary Citta  
March 30/31 4th Sunday of Lent    
5:00 Rachel Mueller Ruth Koltookian Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days #253
7:30 Jim Weeg Lisa Sevcik With These Ashes #591
9:30 Choir Marsha Nichols Loving and Forgiving #361
11:30 Malina Amjadi Mary Citta Beyond the Days #250
  Anointing of the Sick    
12:30 Diann Frembgen Mary Citta  
4-Apr Adoration    
5:30 Mark Hannasch Lisa Sevcik  
April 6/7 5th Sunday of Lent    
5:00 Erica Schultz Ruth Koltookian In these Days of Lenten Journey #244
7:30 Mark Hannasch Lisa Sevcik You Alone #249
9:30 Bill Farmer Marsha Nichols Be Not Afraid #549
11:30 Tiffany Steel Casey Tecklenburg Lord of All Hopefulness #477
11-Apr Adoration    
5:30 Theresa Relph Marsha Nichols  
April  13/14 Palm Sunday    
5:00 Sarah Burke Brenda Sevcik All Glory Laud and Honor #82 pg. 128
7:30 Jim Weeg Mary Citta Jesus Remember Me (3x during the Passion)
9:30 Choir Marsha Nichols O Sacred Head Surrounded #264
11:30 Tony Tomlyanovich Marsha Nichols Now We Remain #417
      Were You There #262
18-Apr Holy Thursday    
7:00 PM Choir Marsha Nichols  
19-Apr Good Friday    
5:15 PM Choir Marsha Nichols  
20-Apr Easter Vigil    
8:00 PM Choir Marsha Nichols  
21-Apr Easter Sunday   Sing Mass of Creation Gloria and Our Father 
7:00 Josh Carlo Lisa Sevcik Jesus Christ Is Risen Today #267
8:30 Sevcik Family Lisa Sevcik  #338River of Glory
10:00 Laura Connor Marsha Nichols Jesus Is Risen#217
11:30 Malina Amjadi Ruth Koltookian Alleluia, Alleluia #269
       Alleluia, Alleluia, Let the Holy Anthem Rise #279
April 27/28 2nd Sunday/Easter    
5:00 Youth Choir Casey Tecklenburg The Strife Is O'er #275
7:30 Deb Marchesani Lisa Sevcik We Walk By Faith #493
9:30 Choir Marsha Nichols We Remember #487
11:30 Erin McRae Mary Citta Jesus Is Risen #271
  During May - you may sing a Mary song before Mass - your choice
May 4/5 3rd Sunday/Easter - First Communion Weekend
5:00 Rachel Mueller Ruth Koltookian All Are Welcome # 436
7:30 Deb Marchesani Lisa Sevcik O Sacrament Most Holy #407
9:30 Bill Roths Marsha Nichols One Bread, One Body  #348
11:30 Theresa Relph Casey Tecklenburg Lord of The Dance #282
May 11/12` 4th Sunday/Easter - Mother's Day  
5:00 Josh Carlo Brenda Sevcik Like A Shepherd #431
7:30 Jim Weeg Lisa Sevcik Holy Is His Name #326 OR The King of Love #444
9:30 Choir Marsha Nichols Worthy Is The Lamb #455
11:30 Sarah Arends Ruth Koltookian Alleluia, Alleluia, Let The Holy Anthem Rise #279
May 18/19 5th Sunday/Easter    
5:00 Eliott Kranz Casey Tecklenburg I Know that My Redeemer Lives #272
7:30 Deb Marchesani Lisa Sevcik Christians Let us Love One Another #566
9:30 Bill Farmer Ruth Koltookian We Have Been Told #419
11:30 Laura Connor Marsha Nichols Alleluia, Alleluia #269
16-May Adoration    
5:50 Diann Frembgen Marsha Nichols  
May 25/26 6th Sunday/Easter    
5:00 Janet O'Neil Ruth Koltookian Alleluia No. 1 #278
7:30 Sevcik Family Lisa Sevcik Be Not Afraid #549
9:30 Sarah Burke Marsha Nichols One Love Released #379
11:30 Malina Amjadi Casey Tecklenburg Alleluia! Sing to Jesus #314
27-May Memorial Day    
9:00 Diann Frembgen Ruth Koltookian TBA