Hallow Subscriptions

Hallow Plus is coming to an end on Easter Sunday. If you are using already using Hallow through our parish, you can simple follow the directions in the email they send you to continue premium access with a 20% discount. If you have not been using Hallow, it is not too late. 

Here is how the 20% discount works for our parish. If you don't have a chance to activate it by Easter, the link will remain active for some time. 


Premium access timing

  • Everyone that created a Hallow Plus account through your Holy Day Package link will continue to have full access to everything in Hallow through the end of the day on Easter Sunday
  • Come Monday morning, each person's account will be reset back to only having access to Hallow's permanently free content (including the audio-guided Rosary, lectio divinawith the Daily Gospel, and Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Bible In A Year podcast) and you can keep on praying using that content without having to do anything.
  • If any individual users would like to continue using the Hallow Plus content, they will be able to subscribe personally and will receive a 20% discount through your parish code. 

Personal subscription logistics

  • Starting Easter Sunday, your existing parish landing page will be updated to offer a 20% discount on personal subscriptions.
  • Existing users will be able to click the link (or log into their account manually online), apply the discount, and enter payment information on the Hallow website. They will be charged immediately and receive immediate, ongoing premium access.
  • New users will be able to receive the standard 14-day free trial of Hallow Plus before they are charged but will still receive the 20% discount
  • The 20% discount will be available only on personal subscriptions and cannot be combined with other special Hallow offers (e.g., military discounts, student discounts, and family plans)