COVID-19 Updates

By Michael O. Jackels, Archbishop of Dubuque

On 5-6 June 2021, the dispensation that excused Catholics in the Archdiocese of Dubuque from participating at Sunday Mass in church expired. As the pandemic isn’t over, even without a dispensation, Catholics can still legitimately excuse themselves from Sunday Mass if they’re afraid of getting COVID, or if…
They’re frail from age or illness, or caring for someone sick, homebound, or an infant, or weather makes driving hazardous, or work and Mass schedules conflict. In short, there is no sin in missing the Sunday obligation if you would go if you could go, but you can’t for reasons outside your control. A lot of people use the term Sunday obligation to refer to going to Mass and avoiding work, but maybe it’d be better to call it the Sunday opportunity to… ather together, hear the word proclaimed and explained, receive the Bread of Life, re-create ourselves by relaxing, and grow in holiness by helping the poor.


In response to Archbishop Jackels’ permission to adjust COVID safety measures, St. Patrick Church has enacted these changes:
FACE MASKS: CDC guidance (www.cdc.gov) is that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear face masks indoors or outdoors. Everyone now has had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Face masks are now optional but encouraged.
SOCIAL DISTANCING: Ribbons will remain on some pews in the front of the church for now. If you are comfortable sitting in the back pews, please do so. Be respectful of those sitting in the pews where the ribbons are located and maintain social distance. 

Thank you to everyone for the great love you have shown to each other as we try to get through the pandemic.

With the change to Dispensation, we are no longer offering Word and Communion on Sunday mornings.

Looking for our "Helpful Links in Trying Times" section? It has moved to a separate page with the change to dispensation.