Pastoral Council

Laura Schaefer, Chair (2024, 2nd term) 

Theresa Butler, Vice Chair (2022, 2nd term)  

Bob Ames, (2022, 2nd term)   

Kevin Engels, Secretary (2024, 2nd term) 

Dianne Layton (2023, 1st term)                               

Bill Mackey, (2022, 2nd term)           

Justin Rathjen (2024, 2nd term) 

Amy Tomlyanovich (2023, 1st term)             

Danica Wilcox (2024, 2nd term)                        

Mark Hannasch, Faith Formation Chair  

Tom Hoag, Finance Council Chair           

Erin Lyons, Catholic School Board Chair                      

Fr. Ivan Nienhaus


Updated April 2022


To contact one of our council members, please refer to our online Instant Church Directory. If you have not yet used our directory, click here to learn more.

Pastoral Council Constitution