How to Register for Faith Formation

Regular and Late Registration have closed. If you are new to Faith Formation and need to register a child, contact Rosie (see below).


  • Log in to Realm.

  • Choose EVENTS> 2021-2022 CGS-High School Religious Education.

  • Search for your family under PROFILE (do not create a new profile).

  • Select all members to be registered.

  • During registration, pay attention to populated information. The system will update information

    that is changed.

  • You have the option to apply all (to save on typing) if multiple registrants are selected. Note that " Apply All" will no work for Section 2--Medical Matters because we need individual information here. Enter insurance information only once if it is the same for all registrants.

    Payment will be required at the end of the registration process.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Rosie via email at [email protected] or 319-277-3036.