Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOTW) is for children in preschool and early elementary grades and is offered during most Saturday 5 PM and Sunday 9:30 AM Masses.

CLOTW encourages young children to explore, through ritual, their relationships with:

  • parents
  • God
  • friends and others
  • the world about them

The following objectives are introduced at the child's level of understanding. Children enjoy nature, bible storytelling, songs and prayer that enable them to become more aware of God, themselves and others. The objectives are:

  • to develop an awareness of God
  • to instill the knowledge that he/she is loved by God
  • to encourage an appreciation of his/her family
  • to foster the understanding that the child is a member of God's family and the parish family
  • to cultivate an awareness and appreciation of God's creation
  • to pray with the children
  • to celebrate special feasts and holy days of the church
  • to participate in the ritual of the Liturgy of the Word at an age-appropriate level

Your Help is Needed

Children's liturgy ministry positions are available. Please contact us if you are interested in serving the youngest members of our community during the Saturday 5 PM or Sunday 9:30 AM Masses. 

We also need assistants to help the leaders with the children during Children's Liturgy of the Word. You do not lead the lesson but just help the children with their needs & hand out papers at the end of the session. 

Contact the Faith Formation Office at 277-3036 ext 18 or click here to email Tracey Ryan-Wiering  if you are interested in helping with either position. Be inspired by the wisdom of our children and join our team.