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Next Step 2020

Question: How were we able to begin this project without having all of the funding in place? 

Answer: The Archdiocese recognized the need for the additions and upgrades. They were supportive of our project and were very comfortable that we would pay off the low-interest loan they could offer. We feel this speaks volumes about our parish!


Question: Were any additions made to the project along the way? The cost seems a little higher than I remember originally stated.

Answer: The building and finance committees voted to add a few items that were not in the original plan.  This list is not all inclusive, but the highlights are:

  1. Added majority of classroom cabinetry. Rather than put new flooring around old cabinetry that would need to be replaced soon, we elected to do the cabinetry as part of the project so that it was done properly and to avoid costly rework later.
  2. Added design features and elements to the Multi-Purpose Room in the Education Center for increased use of technology and better shared usage of the space.
  3. Relocated the office addition to the east side of the school to allow for a more useful space, a more welcoming and visible entrance, and better connectivity to the school for security purposes. The initial plan was along the south side of the school with some finished space taking up part of the playground area.
  4. Added additional lockers for students.
  5. Replaced school kitchen flooring.
  6. Reinforced the balcony structure in the church to address critical structural bearing issues along the exterior wall of the church and to open up the area under the balcony.
  7. Added needed bell tower tuckpointing.
  8. Widened driveway and reworked landscaping between Narthex Addition and Grace House.
  9. Upgraded the upper level classroom areas at school.
  10. In the school building, added fire alarm system enhancements to be required in future code upgrades. As part of this, also replaced acoustical ceilings in the main corridors.

The committees elected to add these items because they realized these expenses were going to have to be incurred in the near future. They voted to include them in the project to be more cost effective and to create a more functional and safe school (entrance design) and church (balcony revisions).


Letter from your Next Step Committee

In 2014 we embarked on a project to further improve our parish campus. Thanks to you, we were able to expand our buildings, extend our outreach, and grow our parish. 

We need your help now to pay off the remainder of our loan. Read our brochure (shown below) to learn more about our improvements and how you can participate. Download a pledge card today or use the green envelopes in the Narthex or Atrium (back and front of church) to make a donation any time. Each gift puts us closer to our financial goal.

We thank you for your prayers and contributions. 

The Next Step Campaign Committee

David Guetterman and Laura Schaefer, Co-Chairs

Roger Kueter, Tom Hoag, Paul DiMarco, Brad Best, Deb Giarusso, Kelly Christensen, Erin Lyons, Patrick Burke, Father Colter, Laura Dobson, Regena Huffman


 Read about our project and campaign!


 If you have questions about making a gift, contact Regena Huffman in the Parish Office at 319.266.3523 or rhuffman@saintpatrickcf.org.